How do I set up an assistant?

Your ‘assistant’ will be able to source relevant content for you in line with your brand identity. 

To set your assistant up, simply follow the 3 below steps.

Step 1

From the menu listed down the left-hand side of the page, select ‘Assistants’, this should then open a drop-down menu which includes three different types of assistants. Here you should click ‘New Assistant’. 

Step 2

To help you set up your assistant we have included some helpful suggestions throughout each section – you will find these in each of the boxes you complete.  

Should you wish to include banned keywords/terms, exclude certain sources and include a certain location for your content then we have created an advanced search button which can be found at the top right-hand corner of the form you complete. You can turn this on by simply clicking on the toggle.

Step 3

Once you are happy with the information you have included, click ‘preview’ to get a sample of what the content would look like for this assistant.If you are happy then click ‘save and create’ to save your assistant. 


Be sure to save your assistant by a unique name so that you can manage this at a glance later on through our ‘current assistants’ page. 

This page allows you to view all of your active assistants, which accounts they are linked to and how many posts this will create. 

You also have the option to delete, pause or archive this assistant. 

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