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How do I link my social media accounts to MarketMate?

We’ve made the process of linking your social accounts to our platform simple and easy. 


Below is a quick step-by-step guide on how to do so, including visuals which you should see as you go through the process. 


Firstly, once you have registered your email address on you should receive an email asking you to verify your account. Once you have completed this step, simply follow the process below to link your social media accounts. 


Step 1

Once you have signed into the app you should see the below screen. You will also be able to see that we have included a helpful on-screen walkthrough to take you through this process. 


However as this walkthrough is only shown in your initial set-up, should you need reminded simply follow the steps below.

Step 2

Simply click the ‘Link new xxx account’ button on the top of the screen. This option will always be available and feature on your Accounts page should you wish to add any more accounts in the future.


Once you have clicked to add your account, you should be presented with the below screen. Again, we have added a helpful prompt to your first-time set-up. From here you can select to link either your Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook account. 


We will select ‘Link new LinkedIn account’ for example purposes:

Step 3

Once you have selected which account you would like to link, you will be re-directed to be able to link  each platform (see LinkedIn below). From here you should input your own username and password and click ‘sign in’. 


NB.If this is your first time linking an account, we would suggest taking this step slowly to ensure you link the correct accounts – this is more so if you have more than one page that you manage. 

Social Media Management

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