Organic Social Posts

How do I create my own organic posts?






Create your own organic posts in 3 simple steps:


Step 1


Select the option to ‘Create Post’ from the left-hand side menu on the main page (shown below). 

Step 2


From the screen you now have in front of you, you can enter your post content/text (we’ve even included the option to add an emoji or two if you see fit), link a URL (if you wish) and select which date and time you wish your post to be published as well as include an engaging image to accompany your post. 


Step 3


Once you are happy with your post, simply click schedule to add this to your content queue. 





Remember to select which account you would like the organic post to publish to. You can do this from selecting your chosen account from those listed down the left-hand side. 


Our new calendar view now enables you to visually see when you have content scheduled to be published allowing you to fill any gaps you see. 

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