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How do I fine-tune my assistant with advanced search?

Creating multiple, generic assistants may not be enough to generate the content you’re looking for.

By fine-tuning your assistant via stringent sets of parameters, you ensure that the generated content will create higher-engaging posts around the specific topics and keywords listed.

With this, your posts would resonate more inline with your brand’s tone of voice as well as become more engaging for your following. MarketMate learns over time how your posts are performing via audience engagement metrics, further enhancing the quality of your future curated posts.

Below we deep-dive into the steps to ensure that you are using MarketMate’s full post-generating capabilities.

Editing Or Creating A New Assistant

To create a new assistant, from the left-hand menu, select ‘Assistants’, and then click ‘New Assistant’ in the dropdown. To edit an existing assistant, select “Current Assistants” and click on the assistant you wish to edit.

Focus Topics, Logic And Parameters

Here on the “I am interested in content about:” field, you should enter a few topics which centre around the focus-areas you wish to generate content from. From the example below, you can see that we want to create posts around Finance or some of its surrounding topics, so we’ve set the boolean logic to “OR” on the dropdown next to the text field.

Secondly, you should activate the ‘Advanced Search‘ toggle so that the string of parameters can be set. What you’ll see here are parameters which exclude specific words, exclude specific sources and which countries to source content from.

In this example, we would like to exclude certain topics such as COVID-19, Coronavirus, Brexit etc. and exclude some sources (Express, The Sun etc.) which we think are not relevant to the content we want to produce. We also add a few countries around the EU which we want to source content from. This could be particularly useful if you have multiple social media accounts from different regions.

The final step is to chose the post cadence and which accounts you wish to activate this assistant on (left-hand side). Here, we’ve decided to post every other day of the week, but this could vary depending on your social approach and your Social calendar. Remember to press “Preview” to see if you have added adequate parameters, and if content, “Save and Create” so you can start curating the content.

Top Tip

To ensure that you are entering the correct parameters, be sure to occasionally press “Preview” to see examples of generated posts. You should work in tandem with what is generated in preview so that you can minimise the chance of seeing posts outside of your topic of focus. There are also “Information” buttons next to each field if you need further explanation on each input.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any help around setting up or editing an assistant. One of our experts will walk you through and provide you with guidelines on best-practices on content curation through MarketMate.

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