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+200% social impressions in 30 days – IZY Capital Case Study

IZY Capital reported that they received over 2X the amount of social impressions in addition to experiencing significant, relevant follower growth during the first month of using MarketMate. 

The Challenge

With being part of a selected and extensive MarketMate beta program, upon launch, IZY Capital was already one of the first businesses in its sector to incorporate Social AI Intelligence to its organic digital strategy. 

Growing Followers

Like most high-growth businesses, IZY Capital used significant human resources and agencies to develop and differentiate their content strategy. By using MarketMate to supplement their teams and automate social media workflows, it has enabled IZY to re-allocate budgets to other areas of the business to propel it forward at an above-forecasted rate

The Solution

At the heart of IZY’s social strategy are MarketMates AI Assistants. Intelligent algorithms search the web for content within customisable parameters and are unique to each business. IZY has leveraged multiple assistants to re-write and paraphrase headlines using in-depth parameters to create their specific and engaging social content.

The Gain

By frequently reviewing the generated content on the MarketMate platform in conjunction with MarketMate’s analysis of the audience’s social post reactions and engagement, its brain quickly developed social intelligence specific to IZY Capital’s strategy. As a result, the content produced was in line with target audience interests, generating a higher engagement rate and an observed increase in relevant, ‘higher quality’ social media followers.

In just 6 days, we saw a significant increase in our social following through the sharing relevant, consistent and engaging content. We’re excited to see how MarketMate can help amplify this even further over the coming months.

David Rees
General Partner, IZY Capital

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