4-Steps To Automate Your Content Creation

The company’s which automate their social content curation and creation are those that will win in the short- and long-term.

Stand-out content is absolutely essential for businesses in a crowded marketplace. However, most businesses still don’t have a sustainable content creation strategy, or a reasonable way to measure the return on their marketing investment for that matter.

Part of the problem seems to be that quality content is really difficult to create. Scrounging the internet, data sources and applications for current trends and inspiration takes hours of labour.

So, how would you feel if this was already done for you every time you schedule your social media outreach?

Step 1 – Creating the RIGHT Content

Combining AI with big data and NLP (Natural Language Processing) finally allows businesses to automate their content creation. Not only does it create unique content, but also spins out a human-like take on the information it is summarising.

Creating the right content for your audience is not only critical to capture their attention, but to ensure that your content is constantly resonating with the real-time needs of your audience.

From major news outlets like The Washington Post (source), to small and medium-sized startups like IZY Capital, many have already incorporated content creation tools to automatically analyse millions of content streams to create articles, press releases and social posts.

So, why not introduce this to your social strategy now in a cost-effective way?

Step 2 – Curating The Content

Content curation is a resource-saving tactic that allows content creation tools to leverage quality content from reputable sources whilst sustaining your audience’s attention. Discover new content, schedule posts, and streamline all your social media activity. Keeps the stream sustainable, fresh and relevant, whilst giving teams more time to double-down and create different forms of content.

Unlike other content sourcing or social media management tools, MarketMate takes this one step further and selects the content which fits your brand parameters. It then uses industry-leading algorithms to create its own spin on the content and lines it up for your approval before it gets posted at any time or day you want.

As well as automatically sourcing and creating your content, take inspiration from the posts which are displayed by MarketMate. These are hand-picked content pieces which resonate best with your audience’s interest. Create long-tail forms of content for your digital space to further “reel them in”.

Step 3 – The Right Post At The Right Time

The last step of any content cycle is distribution and monitoring. Scheduling tweets, posts, and videos so that your readers can see them when they’re most likely to be online is a crucial step of creating a proactive social strategy, and a great way to drive engagement.

MarketMate allows you to merge up to 40 social accounts and to time posts perfectly. Unlike its competitors, the underlying AI also helps brands not only discover and recommend new and relevant content, but also re-create it. Create, curate and distribute quality content to your online network while streamlining workflows and cutting unnecessary costs.

Top Tip: If you’re a MarketMate user (if not, free trial here), make sure to create multiple personalised AI Assistants for different days within the MarketMate platform so that you are the first to spot and post around an array of trending topics specifically for your brand or industry. See how to create and fine-tune your assistants here.

Step 4 (MarketMate Users) – The Golden Nugget

It is important to gather internal feedback on the content you are pushing to your audience’s to ensure that you are maximising your efforts. With time, the MarketMate brain develops social intelligence tailored to your brand, leveraging audience engagement and building a relevant audience following by creating content best suited to your business’ goals.

Fine-tune and tailor your automated content as much as you think you need it in the reviews section. Zero in on the posts which generate higher engagement so that MarketMate knows exactly what makes your audience “tick” to the replicate success metrics with future generated social posts.

Activate your social media strategy with MarketMate by accessing the free trial here.

The MarketMate Platform

In an effort to help marketers, MarketMate was created so that businesses can adopt, implement, and learn how to activate their social media and content strategy. MarketMate’s tools are relatively cost-efficient solutions, and when used correctly and consistently, they can make a huge difference in your social dominance — and your bottom line.

The MarketMate platform sources, analyses and automatically generates social media content tailored to your brand’s messaging and audience interests

MarketMate lets you connect LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts (Instagram coming soon) so that we can create and schedule queues of tailored content based on custom, stringent parameters alongside your own social posts.

With MarketMate, its powerful intelligence tools can provide you with insight of your brand’s social position. You will get a clearer picture of where your business fits in the social media realm. Track your social media share, engagement and correlate trends with MarketMate so that your stand-out content is automatically created as frequent as you need it.

With the use of MarketMate we have been able to say goodbye to hours of content sourcing and post scheduling, freeing up valuable time up to focus on other aspects of the business. It’s been a great investment for our company.

Ryan Walton
Founder and Managing Director, Visaura

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