What Is Brand Manager?

Brand Manager makes it easier than ever before to seamlessly transition between brand accounts within MarketMate.

Changing Brands

From the left-hand menu, click on your brand name to toggle the dropdown menu. Once the dropdown is active, select your chosen brand, or to create a new one.

Creating A New Brand

Once the dropdown menu is active, select “New Brand” and give it your chosen name as required. Click “Create” to save your new additional brand.

Connecting The New Brand

The final step is to link the social media accounts to your newly created brand by clicking on one of the social media platforms listed..

Deleting A Brand

If you want to delete the brand, expand the left-hand menu. On the bottom left on your profile section and click on “Edit Brand

Once “Edit Brand” has been clicked, Select “Archive Brand” and then Click on “Update” to save your changes to successfully move the brand. If you want to delete the brand but want to keep its scheduled posts running, then select the “Keep scheduled posts” option.

Restoring A Brand

If you want to restore a brand which has been archived, expand the left-hand menu and click on the “Archived Brands” section. Then, select the brand you wish to restore and click on the icon next to the search bar to successfully restore the brand.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any help around setting up or editing an assistant. One of our experts will walk you through and provide you with guidelines on best-practices on content curation through MarketMate.

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