How Important Is A Social Strategy For SMEs?

Gradually, more and more SMEs are becoming aware of the importance of social networks, but still have doubts as to whether they provide benefits or not with the efforts involved.

Many small to medium sized businesses are hesitant to be proactive and invest time and money on social channels, or use them for their promotion – they wonder if the effort is really worth it and how ROI can be attributed. With small social media budgets, these firms wonder if they should proactive deploy and engage with a content strategy through the social medium. So, are platforms like MarketMate for instance, necessary for SMEs?

MarketMate was built to help brand managers, marketing teams and agencies to keep their content consistent, unique, highly-engaging and relevant on a real-time basis whilst freeing up team bandwidth. A relatively cost-effective platform can allow SMEs to activate their social strategy consistently through automation.

Why Should SMEs Not Undermine Their Social Media Potential?

Social networks can be an essential element in the marketing strategy and play a very important role, With good management and tools which help augment brand positioning, tone of voice and differentiation. When broken down, activating your social media strategy is not entirely as difficult or costly as it may seem.

Through constant posting of content which is relevant to your target audience, you can attract endless amounts of new users at the same time you have direct contact with existing customers – constantly improving brand experience and reputation. SMEs should use social networks as an essential tool to grow. According to a study by Wildfire, who interviewed 700 SMEs deploying social media strategies, shows:

  • 88% – Boosting Your Brand: social networks give us the opportunity to achieve visibility through a clear and useful message to position ourselves in the minds of our consumers, achieving differentiation from the diverse range of competitors.
  • 85% – Encourage Dialogue: social networks give the opportunity to be in direct contact with each client, listening to their needs and feedbacks continuously. This also allows each brand to improve gradually getting closer and closer to its customers and improving their experience. This direct link creates a human, honest and very trustworthy relationship.
  • 58% – Increase Sales and Alliances: creating such closeness has direct impact on company sales, as consumers increasingly being happier they buy more often. This also can be an opportunity to attract potential customers or create alliances of interest.
  • 41% –  Reduce Costs: social networks can be very useful to save money. Not only in terms of marketing strategy, as through social networks also you can do market research or recruiting staff through platforms like LinkedIn.

If you’ve not yet fully embraced cost-effective automation in your marketing strategy, the time is now. Sign up to the free trial to see how the MarketMate platform can build your social media marketing strategy.

Consistent, Uniquely Positioned Content On A Budget

According to The Guardian, One of the simple rules that social media experts would pass on to any SME is that if you are going to submit a post, offer, picture or video make sure it is interesting, informative or entertaining. If it does not tick at least one of these boxes, think long and hard about posting something that does. (Source)

Successful, high-engaging social content relies on the interest in the topic and how existing content satisfies that interest. It is a relatively easy and autonomous task to come up with adjacent topics to write about, analyse their potential and pick the topics with the most potential for the brand’s social direction. AI algorithms are constantly tracking post performance and used to personalise the social posts to your brand.

There are plenty of free tools to track when your company is being talked about. Try Google Alerts to have new results delivered to your inbox as they appear, to monitor content from across the web talking about your brand and set up Hootsuite to see live streams of content and conversations from top social networks that mention your company, brand and relevant keywords you want to monitor.

To take this a step further, using free tools like Google Search Console or Google Trends, can help identify trending content areas. You can then get these insights and input custom content generating filters to ensure that you maximise MarketMate’s content curation potential.

Social media content automation tools like MarketMate can assist in the content creation process by recommending topics to write about and keywords to include. MarketMare becomes smarter over time by analysing post metrics, engagement and user-inputted reviews to create content unlike ever before.

The Importance Of At Least “Some” Sort of Social Media Strategy

According to AgencyCentral, 80% of SMEs plan to increase usage over the next year and a lack of online presence is one of the biggest reasons why start-ups fail. It is hardly surprising when you consider the exposure a business can gain. It goes on to state that many established SMEs are not ‘digital ready’, therefore missing out on vital marketing opportunities.

According to the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, up to two million small firms have no online presence (source). By simply sharing quality content on your social media, your business not only looks professional, but trustworthy and “up-to-date”.

One of the most important aspects however is the ability to put sales-induced content in-front of your audiences on a regular basis. Subsequently, this would be the foundation blocks of a robust inbound marketing strategy which runs itself. It can only run itself however with automation tools like MarketMate. You can check out our article on how to build the foundations of an inbound marketing strategy for SMEs here.

MarketMate houses the tools which ensure that the generated content passes plagiarism checks, gauges engagement levels, and gets smarter over time by understanding social virility, tailored to each brand.

curate and review free trial

Activate your social media strategy with MarketMate by accessing the free trial here.

The MarketMate Platform

In an effort to help marketers, MarketMate was created so that businesses can adopt, implement, and learn how to activate their social media and content strategy. MarketMate’s tools are relatively cost-efficient solutions, and when used correctly and consistently, they can make a huge difference in your social dominance — and your bottom line.

The MarketMate platform sources, analyses and automatically generates social media content tailored to your brand’s messaging and audience interests

MarketMate lets you connect LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts (Instagram coming soon) so that we can create and schedule queues of tailored content based on custom, stringent parameters alongside your own social posts.

With MarketMate, its powerful intelligence tools can provide you with insight of your brand’s social position. You will get a clearer picture of where your business fits in the social media realm. Track your social media share, engagement and correlate trends with MarketMate so that your stand-out content is automatically created as frequent as you need it.

With the use of MarketMate we have been able to say goodbye to hours of content sourcing and post scheduling, freeing up valuable time up to focus on other aspects of the business. It’s been a great investment for our company.

Ryan Walton
Founder and Managing Director, Visaura

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