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Did you know that there are 45 million people active on social media in the UK? In 2018, Statista reported that of small businesses that had 10 to 49 employees, 69.6% were using social media platforms to promote a product or service. 

Social media offers many benefits to business owners; for example, it is an easy way to target, research and reach out to specific customers. However, to successfully get exposure, traffic and gain market insights, a business needs to be willing to dedicate time, planning and a lot of thought. 

To maintain and get the attention of your target audience you need to strategically plan and communicate effectively. By schedule social media posts in advance, your company can better communicate your business message and refine its strategy. In this article, MarketMate explores the reasons your business should be scheduling social media posts and why your business will benefit from it. 

1) You can plan a detailed strategy to target your audience

Do have a strategy? If you answered no, then it is time to start planning one! Developing and maintaining a strategy will further your abilities to engage with your target audience and encourage followers. When a business dedicates time and focus into this, social media posts can remain on-message.   If you have determined which times create peak engagement for you, then scheduling posts or tweets to the minute is a no-brainer.

2) You will have more free time

With your content needs covered by scheduling your social media posts in advance, having a better work-life balance, going home early or even taking a holiday can become real possibilities for the busy entrepreneur. The whole point of scheduling posts in advance is to help you streamline your processes and create a consistent routine, talk about your business achievements and include any exciting news or projects.

A top tip: Create a list!  Whether it is a blog post, a link to relevant content from another brand or business, or even a photo/video; put all of your social media ideas into list and look back at them when you next sit down to schedule your posts, it can help with inspiration. 

3) Use a software to do it all for you!

If you can’t find an article to post, have run out of ideas and need some support, we have got you covered.  It is important to gather internal feedback on the content you are providing for your audience to ensure that you are maximising your efforts. With time, the MarketMate’s AI brain develops intelligence tailored to your brand, leveraging audience engagement and building a relevant audience following by creating content best suited to your business goals.

You can fine tune and tailor your automated content as much as you need to in MarketMate’s review section.  If you hone in on the posts which generate higher engagement, this will tell MarketMate exactly what makes your audience ‘tick’, so it can replicate success metrics with future generated social posts.

Get in touch! 

Stand-out content is absolutely essential for businesses in a crowded marketplace. Part of the problem seems to be that quality content is really difficult to create. MarketMate houses the tools which ensure that the generated content passes plagiarism checks, gauges engagement levels, and gets smarter over time, by understanding social virility, tailored to each brand.

Activate your social media strategy with MarketMate by accessing the free trial here.

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