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RedKnight Consultancy has been using MarketMate for the past three months. We use MarketMate to find unique content that is both relevant and appealing to our target audience. As grant funding is a niche sector, we source content from a variety of innovative areas to ensure we appeal to the full range of businesses that follow our social media accounts. The option to set up multiple assistants through MarketMate has made this process easy, and we now receive content relating to each sector at different times throughout the week. Additionally, MarketMate has learnt from our content reactions, and sourced increasingly relevant content over time. 

From a marketer’s perspective, MarketMate has been hugely beneficial. Whereas content creation is typically extremely time consuming, use of MarketMate has enabled our Marketing Intern, Hannah, to concentrate on other key areas of digital marketing. This includes email marketing campaigns, writing blog posts, and improving our website’s SEO. Since incorporating MarketMate into our digital strategy, we have seen increased engagement across our social media channels. Back in April, we gained just 2.8k impressions on Twitter – a result of infrequent and sporadic posting. In August, we’ve gained 15.2k impressions – an increase of 400%! We have also seen an increased engagement rate, rising from 0.4% in April to 4.2% in August. 

Thanks to MarketMate, we are consistently posting relevant content that appeals to our target audience – subsequently, they want to engage with it. Therefore, incorporating social AI to our content creation has been a great investment for our business. We look forward to continuing our journey with MarketMate in the coming months and discovering how it can further enhance our online presence. 

RedKnight Director, Mr Dayne Hodgson said, “Since implementing MarketMate at RedKnight we have seen a dramatic increase in both our online activity and in the number of leads generated. More importantly, the sector specific content generated by MarketMate means better quality leads. As a result, MarketMate has become a cornerstone of our marketing strategy”.

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